Vanessa • Mom • Wife • Doula


It all started when… own first birth did not turn out how I expected or desired...and then my second was quite amazing! I had decided after my son was born that I wanted to help women have their babies and here we are!

I am mommy to a bright boisterous boy and a sweet spunky girl. I am wifey to an involved, thoughtful and steadfast husband and you can often find us playing and laughing in the backyard or taking a trip to the library. I love coffee and scary movies, yoga and sweet treats(ok salty too!)  

We used to live close to the city but recently moved to Acton. We are loving this area and all the wonderful people here. I hope to get to know you and be a part of your journey! 


I am a DONA trained doula ( who was instructed by the current president of the Association of Ontario Doulas - Stefanie Antunes in 2016. I am currently working towards my certification with DONA!